Serving Colorado in Public Health, Preparedness, and Emergency Response


What do nurses, retirees, students, technology professionals, and others all have in common? They’re the type of people you’ll encounter volunteering with the Rocky Mountain Medical Reserve Corps of Colorado.┬áDon’t let the name fool you, Medical Reserve Corps includes people with no more medical training than the ability to give a hug or apply pressure to a wound. Our volunteers come from every walk of life and every skill set.

The Medical Reserve Corps Program is housed under the Surgeon General and was created as a way to pre-credential and train first responders from the medical and non-medical community who want to be able to assist in an emergency. By providing adequate credentialing, training, and coordination, those wanting to do the most good for their communities.

Our primary response duties include:

  • Point of Distribution for Emergency Vaccines or Medicines
  • Disaster Aid Response
  • First Responder Assistance
  • Mass Casualty Incident Response
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Emergency Communications Support (EmComm)
  • Public Event Support (First Aid Stations and Roving First Aid Units)
  • Emergency IT Support
  • Emergency Social Media Response
  • and much, much more
An Introduction to the Medical Reserve Corps

Join Us!

We are always looking for Medical and Non-Medical Volunteers to fill our ranks! Please visit our other pages to learn more about the exciting opportunities that await you with RMMRCCO, and consider becoming a member-volunteer!